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why writing at coe?

the major is ideal preparation for further graduate study, a professional writing career or a career in any profession that requires critical thinking and clear expression. students study and practice a wide variety of nonfiction forms, including:

  • journalism, both print and online
  • professional writing, including reports, promotional materials, and writing for social media
  • technical writing and information design
  • creative nonfiction, including personal essays, memoirs, nature writing, and travel literature
  • criticism and advocacy writing

the writing major at coe draws much of its strength from being embedded in a vital and diverse campus-wide writing culture. known across the country for its writing-across-the curriculum program and outstanding writing center, coe offers many opportunities for writing majors and minors to be involved in writing outside the classroom:

  • writing for or editing one of the seven student publications on campus
  • conversing with peers about writing projects at the largest undergraduate writing center in the nation, the coe writing center
  • submitting written work for the many writing awards and prizes offered at coe
  • taking a writing or publishing internship during a new york, washington or chicago term
  • interning with a local writing or communication company right here in cedar rapids